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  Politics,History,Social and cultural change. These are the three pillars of the revolution a new media platfrom where readers come for daily news,and history and civilizational culture and  legacy of great men and a new perspective on India,new and old. Our aim is not only to reach you to the story but also to bring those backstories which makes us feel love and pride towards our country,society,culture and nation.

   The Kranti was founded on three central beliefs :

         1.   There is a growing number of curious,critical and questioning Indians who value news they trust.

        2.   There exists a broad philosophical and intellectual space that is socially and economically liberal and is not ideologically left-wing or right-wing. A place for non-hyphenated journalism. 

       3.   There is no confilct between good journalismand the market.

       Civilization,culture and history and the heritage of great men have to reach the society through the revolution.

The aim of the revolution is politics,history,social and cultural change. Our goal is to convey the old history and civilizational culture to the society through articles and magazines through the kranti,especially to convey the heroic saga and legacy of those great men to the society. Who played an important role in the country, society and other fields.

Many revolutions have occurred in human history and they differ greatly in terms of methodology, duration and motivating ideological principles. Due to their results,major changes took place in the culture,economy and socia-political institutions.

Often the word ‘revolution is used to indicate a change in the socio-political systems. Revolution under political theory is that which begins with a sudden change of political power in a country and then molds the social life there in a new form. Generally, revolution takes birth in a particular socio-political situation.

The Purpose of establishment of The Is that civilization,culture,political history and the immortal saga of great men and great heroes of the nation should reach the society.  Maybe it was the effort of the revolution that politics,history,civilization,culture and heritage of great men were conveyed to the society through articles, magazines and videos.

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