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Sadgop (Yadava)

Sadgop Yadava

The Sadgop is sub-caste of Yadav (Ahir) caste found in West Bengal,Odisha,Jharkhnad and parts of Bihar state in India. Traditionally they were engaged in dairy-farming. However, Historically Sadgops had ruled some parts of Bengal such as Gopbhum,Narajole,Narayangarh,Karnagarh,Balrampur Etc. They are one of the fourteen castes belonging to ‘Nabasakh’ group. They are included in General category.

 Etymology and Origin :

The Sadgop name is derived from two sanskrit word Sad and Gope, Which means clean or good Gopes.

The dissident Gopas,who had abondoned their traditional occupation and had become cultivators,trader and professionals appear to have formed a new group know as Sadgop. Members of the new group also made achievements in the fields of religion,and from dissident Gop families came popular saints like Syamananda and the founder of the influential Kartabhaja sect,Aulchand. In the process,they changed their caste affiliation by adding Sad (sat, ‘clean’) to their name, thus becoming Sadgop.

Like other Yadavs the Sadgops also claim their descent from Lord Krishna Of Yadu Tribe mentioned in Vedas and Puranas.

Almost all the member of Sadgop caste say that their original name was Gop and their home was Gopbhum,the region between Ajay and Damodar river.


Ichhai Ghosher Deaul At Gourangapur

 History :

 Historically the Sadgop Yadavs ruled parts of West Bengal,Orissa and Jharkhand. The Sadgop rulers were predominantly found in Gopbhum and its adjoining regions of West Bengal.

 List Of Kingdom and Zamindari :

Sadgop dynasty of Gopbhum, It had two Sadgop (Gopa) Kings, One ruled from Amragar and other from Dekur (also known as Trisasthigar).

  • Sadgop Chieftain of Kanksa.
  • Sadgop Chieftain of Bharatpur.
  • Sadgop ruler of Midnapore Raj
  • Sadgop ruler of Narajole Raj.
  • Sadgop ruler of Narayangarh Raj.
  • Sadgop ruler of Balrampur Raj.
  • Sadgop zamindars of Surul Raj.
  • Sadgop zamindars of Hadal-Narayanpur  Raj.
  • Sadgop zamindars of Kalikapur Raj.
  • Sadgop zamindars of Paranbati Sarkar Family.
  • Sadgop zamindars of Banamali Sarkar Family Kumartoli.

Present Circumstances :

The Sadgop are mainly a landholding community,but many Sadgop have settled in Kolkata and other cities of West Bengal.


Narajole Raj

Surul Raj

Surul Raj

Kalikapur Raj

Kalikapur Raj

Hadal Narayanpur zamindari

Hadal-Narayanpur Zamindari