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Suryakuria Estate (Zamindari)

The Suryakuria Estate (Zamindari) was the Zamindari of Ahir (Yadav) during Colonial era in Bansi tehsil of Siddharthnagar district in Uttar Pradesh,India. It was spread over thousands of acres in the Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh And  The adjoining areas of Nepal.The Rawat of Suryakuria belonged to Dhadhor Clan Of Ahir(Yadav).

Suryakuria Estate (Zamindari)


 Common Languages                         Hindi

  Government                            Zamindari Estate


  • Established                        1700
  • Acceded to India               1949

   Currency                      Indian Rupee

Suryakuria Estate Zamindari

The name of Zamindari derive from Surya Kuria village of Siddharthanagar district.

  History and Origin 

The Zamindari was established by Babu Raghunath Rawat,a wealthy’s Dhadhor landlord. Raghunath Rawat’s ancestors came from Rajasthan,first they settled in Hardoi (UP),Then from there they settled in Pipra Village of  Basti district and then finally came to Surya Kuria.

After Babu Raghunath Rawat his son Babu Surajbali Singh became the head of Zamindari and then his son Babu Asharfi Rawat became the zamindari of Surya Kuria.

Rawat’s of Suryakuria had very close relation with Bhiti Estate (Gorakhpur).

    Descendants :

Chandrapal Rawat,the Descendant of this family had, donated several acres of land and built a School in Surya Kuria and an inter Collage in Naugarh. He was MLA Of  Bhartiya Jansangh Party from Banganga Constituency in 1962.

Other Descendants are also settled in Surya Kuria Village of Siddharthnagar.

 List Of Zamindar :

  • Babu Raghunath Rawat
  • Babu Surajbali Rawat
  • Babu Asharafi Rawat