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Rao Mittar Sen Ahir

Rao Mittar Sain Was an 18th century Ahir Ruler of Rewari.He was a vassal of the Mughal Empire and was defeated by Shekhwat Chiefs In The Battle Of Mandan.

To retailate the Jaipur rulers attacked Rewari in the early months of 1781 Rao Miitar sain ahir was severaly defeated by Kachhwaha.In 1785,a Maratha expedition to Rewari was repelled by Rao.Shortly afterward he died. The Marathas Tried to invade again But Captured Rewari with Heavy Losses.

Rao mittar sain Ahir

Rao Mittar sain Ahir Statute

   Battle of Mandan

In 1775 Rao Mittar sain Ahir And Piroo Khan Balochi Encouraged by the scattered Kaimkhanies of Jhunjhunu Invade Shekhawat and the Battle was fought at Mandan.Rao Mittar Sain ahir fled from the Battlefiled and Piroo Khan Balochi was Killed.