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The Revolution

Rao TulaRam Singh


Raja Rao Tulram Singh (Circa 9 December 1925-23 September 1863) was a Yaduvanshi Ahir King or Chieftain of Rewari He was one of the leaders of the Indian rebellion of 1857 in Haryana,where he is considered a state hero.

Rao Tularam Singh

Raja Rao Bahadur

Rao Tularam Singh

Reign                                 1838 – 1857

Predecessor                     Rao Puran Singh

Successor                           British Raj

Born                                   9 December 1825

Died                                    23 September 1863 (aged 38) Kabul,Afghannistan

Father                                 Rao Puran Singh

Mother                               Rani Gyan Kaur

  Personal Life

He was born on 9 December 1825 in Rampura surub of Rewari in an Ahir Yadava family to Puran Singh and Gyan Kaur. He was young when his father died.

   Indian Rebellion of 1857

On 17 May 1857 he along with his cousin,Rao Gopal Dev,and four to Five Hundered Followers, deposed the local tehshildar and occupied Rewari.He raised a Force of about 5000 soldiers and set Up a workshop for a Manufacturing the guns and other ammunition.Rao Tula Ram Helped Emperor Bahadur Shah and other rebel forces who were waging against British In Delhi.He sent Rs 45000/- Through General Bakht Khan, ten days before the fail of delhi and supplied large quantities of necessary commodities and supplied two thousand sacks of wheat.

   The Battle

Rao’s forces which were led by his Cousin Rao Kirshan Singh,fought Against the British on 16 November 1857 in the field of Nasibpur on  outskirts of Narnaul. The first charge of Rao Tularam’s forces was irresistible and the British  forces scattered before them several British officers were killed or wounded.

The British successfully retailated and after the Battle of Narnaul Rao Tularam moved in to Rajasthan and Joined the force of the Tantia Tope for one year but the forces of the  Tantia Tope were defeated by British forces in the battle of Sikar in Rajasthan. After which Rao Tularam left India to seek help from  the Shah of Iran (Also see Anglo -Persian War From November 1856 to April 1857), Dost Mohammad Khan ruler  of Emirate of Afghanistan (also see First Anglo -afghan War from 1838 to 42) and Alexender II Emperor of Ali Russia against British colonial Empire.Rao Tularam’s Estates were confiscated by the British In 1859. Though proprieatry rights of his two wives were retained in 1877 his title was restored to his Son Rao Yudhister,who was Made head of The Ahirwal area.


On 23 September 1863 he died in Kabul in Afghan at the age of 38 due to an infection that spread throughout his body.


The Government of India issued a postage stamp on 23 September 2001 featuring Rao Tularam


Martyr’s Fair A two-day Shahidi mela (Martyr’s fair) is held annually in September at Rampura Suburb of Rewari city to Commemorate the death anniversary of Rao Tularam.