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Krishnaut Yadav (Ahir)

Krishnaut Or Krishnaut Yadav(Ahir) or Krishnaut Yaduvanshi is a clan of the Hindu Ahir(Yadav) Caste found in Bihar,Jharkhand,and Parts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The Term Krishnaut denotes their claimed descent from Lord Krishna. Majority Of Yadavs were peasants with minor landholdings in the Northern and Central parts of India, a Small segments of the community had taken over land in the newly reclaimed portion of Eastern Bihar (Purnea and Saharsa) to Become big landowners.

Krishnaut Ahir Yadav

Origin and History

The Krishnaut Subcaste of Ahirs claim their descent From Krishna.

  List Of Kingdom and Estate

In Bihar Nepal and Jharkhand there were many rulers and zamindars belonging to Ahir(Yadav) Caste. The Ahir zamindars were predominantly found in northern and eastern parts of Bihar.Most of them belonged to Krishnaut and Majhraut Clan of Ahir.

  • Gopala Dynasty of Nepal.It was established by the Krishnaut Ahirs.
  • Krishnaut Ahir Jagirdar or Zamindars of Parasadi Estate and Parsauna (Saran) Ruled 16th century to Independence.
  • Ahir Chief of Ruidas-Patna.
  • Ahir Rajas of Gawor Fort,Patna.
  • Gosaipur Darbar
  • Rahimapur Estate of Hajipur.
  • Khorasen Jagir of Saharsa.


Krishnaut people worship Bir Kaur,Bakhtaur Baba as the deity. They sing Lorikayan in Bihar. Krishnaut Yadavas never sell milk,ghee,or butter. To a Large extent they became cultivators.

Distribution and Titles

Krishnaut Numerically exceed other sub-caste in the diara land of Patna,Saran,Vaishali district of Bihar.


The titles Generally used by Krishnaut and other sub-caste of  Ahirs in Bihar are Yadav, Raut,Gope,Ray/Rai/Roy,Mandal.Prasad,Thakur,Sinha,Singh,Etc