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Ranjit Singh Yadav (Ahir)

Ranjit Singh Yadav

Ranjit Singh Yadav(Ahir) (also known as Ranjit Ram) was one of the Commander of Rebel army in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 in Bihar,he fought against British East India Company Under the Leadership Of Kunwar Singh.He Belonged To Zamindar family of Krishnaut Bihari Ahir Yadav Of Shahapur-Bihiya Paragana,Currently part Of Bhojpur District Bihar.

Ranjit Singh Yadav(Ahir)

 Born                        1802 Shahapur Village,Bihiya Pargana,Shahabad

 Nationality                        British India

 Movement                  Indian Independence Movement

Ranjit Singh Yadav(Ahir)

 Early Life

Ranjit Singh Ahir Yadav was born in 1802 to a Zamindar Krishnaut Ahir(Yadav) Family Of Shahapur Village Of Bihiya Pargana in Bhojpur District. His Father’s Name was Parsanram Singh Ahir Yadav.

Since an early age Ranjit Singh Ahir was working for the British East India Company,he was a Havaldar in the first company of the 40th Platoon,his job was to distributed salaries to the Soldiers

 Role In The 1857 Rebellion

On 25 July 1857 the sepoys revolted in Danapur they looted weapons from Danapur and Marched off towards Arrah.

The Rebel soldiers first captured the Koilvar Bridge and Then marched  to Arrah and Joined famous rebel leader Kunwar Singh.