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Mahendra Gop

Mahendra Gop

Mahendra Gop (15 August 1912-23 November 1945) was Indian freedom Struggle activist. He Belonged to the Zamindar Yadav Family Of Rampur Currently A part of Banka District,Bihar. At the age of 32 he was hanged in Bhagalpur Camp jail In Bihar.

Mahendra Gop

  Born                            15 August 1912 Banka,Bihar and Orrisa Province British India

Died                               23 November 1945 (Aged 33) Bhagalpur,Bihar,British India

  Cause Of Death                     Execution By Hanging

  Nationality                                    British India

   Movement                                   Indian Independence Movement

  Criminal Penality                                   Capital Punishment

  Criminal status                               Executed

Mahendra Gop Statue
Statue of Mahendra Gop in Banka

 Early Life

Mahendra Gop was born on 15 August 1912 in zamindar family to Ram Sahay Khirhar,In Rampur village of the  Banka District in the state Of Bihar.He Belonged to the Majhraut Clan Of Yadav (Ahir)

 Revolutionary Activities

In Bhagalpur Shree Parshuram Singh Organised a group Known as Parshuram Dal, This group chalked out a programme of taking revenge from sympathisers of British Government. The real strength of Parshuram Dal lay In Mahendra Gope Who emerged as great leader of this group.

During the Quit India  Movement Mahendra Gope And Parshuram Singh were Important Revolutionary leaders from south Bhagalpur, Who gave open Challenge to the Government and Killed a member of Officers.

Mahendra Gope was very Strong,Energetic and Daring so he earned great name in disruption and arson during the freedom Movement. He plundered,Thrashed and killed number of people cruelly those who were in support Of Britishers. He Became so much  Popular that he had his own group within Parsuram dal and in this group Lakho Sahi,Jago Sahi, Shree Gope,Shridhar,Praduman And Dayanath and Other people like them joined.Later Mahendra Gop Became Independent Became Leader Gope Dal Particularly  after the arrest of Parshuram Singh In May 1943.

Mahendra Gope And his group had links with Congress Socialist Party. In May 1943 his group also Joined Siaram Singh Party but they were removed from the party for certain reason in june 1943.


During the last half of September 1944,Mahendra Gop was arrested with ten members of his group in his hideout in the jungles of Banka subdivision in south Bhagalpur.The arrest was effected after a rapid march by a Police party throgh the Jungle.Mahendra Gop gave a list of 20 people on a paper whom he suspected of informing against him and his friends and who were marked for muder.

On 23 November 1945 the British Hanged Mahendra Gop In Bhagalpur Camp Jail.

Peoole like Rajendra Prasad Tried very hard to save Mahendra Gop from death sentence but they could not succeed.


A sports ground has been named after the Mahendra Gop at the Eksingha in Banka District it is known as Amar Shaheed Mahendra Gop Stadium.