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Deo Raj

Deo Raj was a zamindari (Estate) situated in what is now Aurangabad district of Bihar. The Deo Raj family were notable for being the protectors of Deo Sun shrine (Deo Surya Mandir).

  Origin and History

In the 14th and 15th Century,there was a migration of Sisodia Rajputs from Mewar to South Bihar. These Migrated Rajputs along with local Hindu Rajas played an important role in freeing the numerous Hindu shrines and temples from the Muslim rule. They eventually became the founder of the Deo Raj estate.

The Deo Rajas were among a Number of Rajput migrant groups to arrive in Southern  Bihar and they replaced the  Previous Umga chief who had fallen to Muslim invasion.

Deo Raj
Deo Raj Of Haveli

 Relations With the British

The Zamindari of the Deo Estate generally maintained cordial relations with the British. They refused to join other rebellion and the 1857 rebellion.They also refused to join the nearby tribal uprising Including the Santhal rebellion. It is notable that the Rajas of Deo did not provide help to Kunwar Singh despite Raja Fateh Narayan Singh,The then ruler of Deo ,marrying his daughter of to Kunwar Singh