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Dumraon Raj

Dumraon Raj was a medieval chieftaincy and later a zamindari estate in erstwhile Shahabad district of Bihar (now in Buxar district).The total area under this zamindari was 4,85,000 acres which is equivalent to 1963 Square Kilometer.

Dumraon Raj

Coat of Arms Dumraon Raj


  Capital                                            Dumraon

 Common Languages                      Hindi

  Religion                                     Hinduism


  • 1604                        Raja Narayan Mal (first)
  • 1952                    Maharaja Bahadur Ram Ran Vijay Prasad Singh (last)

  Historical Era

  • Established                          1604
  • Disestablished                     1949


Dumraon Raj

Bihari Ji Mandir Built The Raja of Dumraon

They were also the main patrons of the Brahampur mela.

The Founders Of Dumraon Raj were Ujjainiya Rajputs who traced their origin to the Parmar rulers of Malwa who moved to Western Bihar in the 13th century,They various branches of The Ujjainiyas Founded Various estates in Bihar including Jagdishpur,Shakrpura and Dumraon.

One of the major chieftains of Bhojpur,Raja Narayan Mal,received a land grant from the Mughal emperor Jahangir and was conferred the title Of Raja in 1604 A.D His descendants Raja Hori Singh,moved the capital of Narayan Malas estate to Dumraon which was also Called “Harilnagar.

The Historical Papers of the Dumraon Raj are contained within a Docoment called the Tawarikh-I-Ujjainiya which details the history of the Chieftaincy as well as some of the earlier rulers including.

  • 1st Raja –    Narayan Mal (1604-1622)
  • 2nd Raja –   Prabhal Singh (1622-1672)
  • 3rd Raja –    Sujan Singh (1672-1708)
  • 4th Raja –    Horil Shah (1708-1746)
  • 5th Raja –    Chhatardhari Singh (1746-1770)
  • 6th Raja –    Vikramaditya Singh (1770-1805)
  • 7th Raja-     Jai Prakash Singh (1808-1838)
  • 8th Raja –    Janki Prasad Singh (1838-1844)
  • 9th Raja –    Maheshwari Baksh Singh (1844-1881)
  • 10th Raja –   Radha Prasad Singh (1881-1894)
  • 11th Maharani    Beni Prasad  Kauri (1894-1907)
  • 12th Raja –     Srinivas Prasad Singh (1911-1933)
  • 13th –         Ram Ran Viay Prasad Singh (1933-1947)