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Sonbarsa Raj

The Sonbarsa Raj was a medieval chieftaincy and later a Zamindari (Estate) during British Raj in Modern-day Bihar,in erstwhile Bhagalpur District (now in Saharsa).It was controlled by the Gandhavariya Rajputs.

Sonbarsa Raj


  Capital                                           Sonbarsa

 Common Languages                          Maithili,Hindi


  • 1660                                Raja Ranjit Singh (first)
  • 1949                                Rao Bahadur Rudra Pratap Singh(last)


  • Established                        1660
  • Acceded To India               1949

  Currency                                    Indian Rupee

Succeeded by

Dominion of India

    Today Part of                             Bihar,Republic Of India


Raja Harivallabh Narayan Singh Of Sonbarsa Raj

Beside Sonbarsa,the Gandhavarias Landlords were found in Baruari,Parsarma,Barail, Sokhpur,Jadia,Basantpur,Durgapur Sukhsena,Bhatattan, Panchgachhian Etc.

The Zamindari Estate of Mangwar established by Babu Bhagwan Singh also belongs to the Gandhavaria Clan whose descendants Babu Sagar Prasad Singh lives There.


The Palace Of Sonbarsa Raj


Sonbarsa Raj was founded by Raja Ranjit Singh in Present district of Saharsa.It Became powerful and very big Estate in region. The Sonbarsa Raj Family traces its Origin from Raja Vikramaditya Of Ujjain and belong to Agni Branch Of Kshatriya.

The Grant and sanad related to Sonbarsa Raj shows that Gandhavarias were important Rajas under the Mughal and were loyal to Ruling dynasty.They therefore,had played Very Important role in the Politics of time in the region of Sarkar Tirhut of Mithila

One Of the famous zamindars of Sonbarsa was Raja Harivallabh Narayan Singh,who was honoured by King George V in the Imperial Delhi durbar held in 1911 and was provided a royal chair along with the other royalty of India.