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Parasadi Estate

The Parasadi/Parsadi Estate was a Jagir and later a huge Zamindari (Estate) of Krishnaut Ahirs During British Raj in erstwhile Saran District Of Bihar.

Parsadi Estate


 Common Languages                       Bojpuri,Hindi

  Government                                 Zamindari Estate


  • Established                                 1600
  • Acceded to India                        1949

  Currency                                 Indian Rupee

Succeeded by

Dominion Of India

 Today Part of                      Bihar,Republic of India


The Zamindars Of Parasadi Belonged to Krishnaut Ahir Clan. They were Originally from western Up,who Settled in Saran plain in the Beginning of 16th century.


The Parasadi Zamindari (Estate) was ruled by Krishnaut clan of Yadava.In 16th century Krishnaut Ahir Zamindars came to this area with their convoy from Western India and occupied parts of Saran plains by defeating local landlords.after some generations,They extended their territory,thus was founded Parsauna adjacent to Parasadi which became the initial agglomeration of Krishnaut Ahir Clan.

The Ahir Zamindars of Parasadi Estate held a Kisan Mahasabha Of Ahir/Yadav Kshatriya caste during 1900s. More than 2000 landlords and farmers participated in Mahasabha.

 Post Independence :

After Indian Independence the Government of India actively pursued the Intergation of the Princely States and Zamindari Estate into the rest of the country with the promise of compensation for the hereditary rulers and Zamindars. Parsadi Raj Estate was taken under the management of Bihar State Government in 1949