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Gopala Dynasty

Gopala Dynasty (Gopal Bansha) was a first dynasty of Nepal Founded By Gopa (Yadava) In The Kathmandu Valley. The Lunar dynasty is the origin of the Gopala.The Kings Of Gopala Bansha ruled over Nepal For 505 years.It was replaced by rulers of Mahisapala Dynasty.Bot The Krishna and Mahisapala have connections to the Gopalas.

There Were Eight Kings of this dynasty Bhuktaman was the first and Yaksha Gupta was the last king.

  Origin and History

According To Legendary Accounts,the early dynasty of Nepal was the Gopala Dynasty Established by Gopa,who presumably ruled for about five centuries. They are said to have been followed by the Mahisapala dynasty. The Gopalas and the Mahisapalas were together known as Abhiras.

Another belief was that Gopalvamsi and Mahisapalvamsi belonged to the same dynasty and they were divided into two on the basis of their profession.Amarkosha gives Abhiras as Synonym For Gopa.

Pashupati Nath Gopala Dynasty

  List Of Rulers

    The 8 Rulers Of the Gopala dynasty Include :

  • Bhuktaman Gupta
  • Jaya Gupta
  • Parama Gupta
  • Harsha Gupta
  • Bhima Gupta
  • Mani Gupta
  • Vishnu Gupta
  • Yakchhaya Gupta

   Pashupatinath Temple

The Kings of Gopala Dynasty are credited with the Temple restoration of Vedic Deity Pashupatinath On The Pashupatinath Volcanic mound in Nepal.Which became the location of the Pashupatinath Temple.

The Kings Of Gopala Dynasty were Devotees Of Lord Shiva.