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Rash Bihari Lal Mandal

Babu Rash Bihari Lal Mandal

Raja Rash Bihari Lal Mandal (1866-19180 was a Zamindari,Philanthropist and a Leader Of Indian Independence Movement.He wrote a  Book Named ‘Bharat Mata Ka Sandesh’ During Bang Bhang Movement.

Rash Bihari Lal Mandal


Zamindar Of Madhepura

  Reign                         1885-1918

 Predecessor             Babu Raghuvar Dayal Mandal

  Successor                Babu Bhuvneshwari Prasad Mandal

   Born                        1866 Madhepura,Bengal Presidency,British india

   Died                         26 August 1918 Varanasi,British India

  Spouse                       Sitawati Mandal

   House                       Murho Estate

   Father                      Raghuvar Dayal Mandal

  Religion                         Hinduism


 Rash Bihari Lal Mandal Was born in 1866 as the only son of Raghubar Dayal Mandal A Yadav(Ahir) Zamindar Of Murho Estate.He was only a Few Years Old when his parents died. After Which he was brought up by his maternal Grandmother In Ranipatti.

Babu Rash Bihari Lal Mandal

Rash Bihari Babu Studied till 11th standard and Had knowledge of Hindi,Urdu,English, Sanskrit, Maithili,Persian,And French Languages At Young age he Took Control of The Zamindari Estate Of Murho.

Rash Bihari Lal Mandal Is One Of the Founding Members Of Congress In Bihar And He Had Been an Elected Member Of The Bihar Provincial Congress Committee And The All India Congress Committee From 1908 to 1918. He Was One Of the Delegates Of Bihar To the 25th Session Of Indian National At Allahabad In 1910.

Rashbihari Lal was one of the few zamindari Of Bihar To Launch An Attack On British. He Participated In Many agitations against the British,Due to Which more than 120 cases were filed against him by the British.Despite being Anti-British, In 1911,Rash Bihari Lal Mandal Was Given a Prestigious place in the Delhi Durbar Of Emperor George V’s Coronation in India.

In 1911, Rashbihari Lal Founded The Gop Jatiya Mahasabha. Later the All- India Yadav Mahasabha Was formed by merging the Gop Jatiya Mahasabha And Ahir Kshatriya Mahasabha.

Babu Rash Bihari Lal Died of illness on 26 August 1918 in Banaras,At the age of 52.