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Majhraut Yadava Clan

The Majhraut Ahir Or Majhraut Yadav is a Clan Of Hindu Yadav Caste That Inhabits The Indian State Of Bihar,Jharkhand,West Bengal and Few In East Uttar Pradesh. The Are also found in Terai Region Of Nepal. Majhrauts are Ruling Class among Ahirs Or Yadav.

Like Krishnaut Even Majhraut Never sell either Milk,Ghee Or Butter,and Have to a large extent, became cultivator.

While Most Yadavs Were small scale Peasants In Nort and Central India,a Small Number Of them acquired land in newly reclaimed area of Eastern Bihar (Purnea and Saharsa) and Became big land Holders.There was many prominent zamindari Estate in Bihar during Colonial Era,Which was Controlled By Majhraut Chieftains.

Maharaja Madu King Yadav Majhraut
  • Origin & History

The Yadavs who Migrated from Mathura (Braj) To Bihar and its Surrounding areas came to be known as Mathraut or Majraut.

The Word Majhraut Or Majraut Is Corrupt from of Madhuraut.They Claim Descent From King Madhu Of The Ancient Yadu Tribe Mentioned In The Rigveda and are therefore called Madhuraut,It is made of Madhu+ Raut which Means Son Of King Madhu.

In The Mahabharata And Puranas, There Is Mention Of a Madhava Branch Among The Yadavs,who have Been Written As The Descendants Of The Yadav King Madhu And  This is the Main reason why today’s Majraut Or Madhuraut associates themeselves with King Madhu.

There are many such evidences in history which supports the claim of Majraut that they are related to the ancient Madhava branch Of Yadavas Mentioned In Mahabharata and Puranas.

  • List of Rulers And Chieftain

In Bihar and Jharkhand there were many rulers and Zamindars Belonging to Ahir (Yadavs) Caste. During British Raj, The Ahir Zamindars were Predominantly found in northern and eastern parts of Bihar.Most Of Them Belonged To Krishnaut and Majhraut Clans Of Ahir.

  • Rulers Of Varman Dynasty.
  • Ahir Chieftain Of Murho Estate.
  • Zamindar Of Ranipatti Estate
  • Landlords Of Khurda Karveli.
  • Landlords Of Gosaidaspur Estate.
  • Zamindar Of Belwarganj Estate.
  • Zamindar Of Shaligram Estate.
  • Distribution and Titles

Majrauts are found all Over Bihar but numerically they exceed other sub-caste in Saharsa and it’s adjoining district of Eastern Bihar. Besides Kosi division,they are also numerous in Purnia,Old Shahabad district and Southern Bhagalpur. 

In Term of sub-caste wise population among Yadavs,in almost all the district of Bihar,either Kishnauth is in the first place or Majrauth Ahirs.

The Titles Generally used by Majhraut Ahirs In Bihar are Yadav,Rai,Roy, Chaudhary,Gope,Mandal,Singh,Bhagat,Mahato Etc.

  • Culture

The Majraut Yadav Sub-caste Generally follows Vaishnav Traditions,and share Vaishnav Dharmic religious beliefs. They are te worshippers Of Lord Krishna or Vishnu.

In Saharsa and its adjoining district all Ahir sub-caste worship their caste deity Bisu Raut,whose chief shrine is situated on the banks of the Gogri River.

Lorikayan is sung by Ahirs of Bihar it is a folk song  of veer rasa where events from the Life Of Lorik are Described. This is More Popular in Bhojpuri,Maithii &  Magahi.

      Noteble Persons

  • Rash Bihari Lal Mandal,Zaminadar Of Madhepura and Founder Of Yadav Mahasabha.
  • Mahendra Gop, A Freedom Revolutionary.
  • Bhupendra Narayan Mandal, a Socialist Leader.
  • Shivnandan Prasad Mandal, A Politician.
  • Kamleshwari Prasad Mandal Yadav, a Member Of the Constituent Assembly Of India From 1946 to 1950.
  • B.P Mandal, Ex CM Of Bihar And Chairman Of Mandal Commission.
  • Bhola Yadav,Leader Of RJD