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Surul Raj

The Surul Raj was a zaminadari (Estate) of Sadgop (Yadava) During colonial era in the Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum district in the state of West Bengal,India.

Surul Raj


Capital                                     Surul

Common Languages                 Bengali,Hindi

Government                             Zamindari Estate


  • 1768                   Brajaballav Ghosh (first)
  • 1949                    Unknown (last)

 Historical Era                          Colonial Era

  • Established                           1768
  • Acceded To India                 1949

 Currency                            Indian Rupee

Succeeded by

Dominion Of India

 Today Part of                  West Bengal, Repubic of India

Surul Raj
Surul Rajbari

The Sarkar family at Surul contributed a vital role towards socia-economic development of  the overall area and also towards establishment of Vishva-Bharati an  Institution of National Importance.


The earliest of Surul’s Sarkar was Bharat Chandra Ghosh.He along with his Wife Srimati Bimala settled in Surul After being Advised by their Gurudev Shri Basudev Bhattacharjee.They Gave birth to a Son and named him Krishnahari Ghosh. Gradually the Family settled Permanently Surul.

Sri Krishnahari Had three Sons,Jadavendra,Madhavendra and Kalicharan.The descendants Of  Jadavendra Sarkar and Kalicharan were the inmates of Surul Borobari and the Descendants of  Madhavendra of the Surul Chotobari.

Sri  Jadavendra Ghosh had two sons-Brajaballav and Rajballav Ghosh.Brajaballav Ghosh had five sons of which his third son Sri Srinivas Sarkar, who Dropped the Ghosh Surname, Established a Distinct Name and identity in Birbhum.He made Praiseworthy Contributions and Played a major role in the well Being of the Sarkar family.

Surul Raj Terracota