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Narayangarh Raj

The Narayangarh Raj (also known as Narayangarh Kingdom) was a medieval semi-independent kingdom and later a large zamindari estate of Sadgop(Yadava Gopa) during British Raj in the erstwhile Midnapore district of West Bengal.The area of 126.96 square miles was under the Raja of Narayangarh, which included 387 villages.

Narayangarh Raj

1268 A.D – 1949 A.D

Capital                                  Narayangarh

Common Languages                Bengali,Bhumji,Santali



 (1300-1857) Zamindari Estate (1857-1949)


  • 1264                             Gandharava Pal (first)
  • 1844-1933                   Prithviballabh Pal (last)


  • Established                             1300 A.D
  • Acceded to India                    1949 A.D

 Currency                                Indian Rupee

Succeeded by

Dominion of India

Today Part Of             West Bengal,Republic Of India

Narayangarh Raj

Mr.Bayley states that the family of Raja of Narayangarh counts back for twenty-four generations,and bears the titles of Sri Chandan and Marh-e-Sultan.


During the reign of the Nripatis of the Sadgop(Yadava) Pala clan,there is a Tradition of the  establishment of small kingdoms of their various branches in many places in Bengal. Gaudeshwar Rajya Mahipala ascended the throne in 981 AD. His 3rd Son Dwarpal established a Kingdom in Northern Rarh.By the later Rulers it was also extended Southwards. His First capital was at Mallarpur in Birbhum.By the later rulers it was Shifted to Polba. He also established Dwarbasini Shaktipeeth over there.

Dwarbasini Village of Polba became the capital during Janardan Pal. There is Also a  Place named Janardanpur.Dwarbasini was Named at the name Of Dwarpal.

During 1289 AD Sah Sufi Attacked Dwarbasini,King with his Brother Narayan Pal he resisted the turks Servel times,But at last they failed,Janardan died in the Battlefield while Narayan Pal Took Shelter in futher west Medinipur region. Narayangarh Raj of Midnapore was founded in 1300 by Gondobah Pal,aslo known as Gandharva is said that Gandharava Pal was Born in Dwarbasini,which is close to Polba.Narayangarh Rajas Claims themselves as the ancestor of Narayan Pal.Most probably it was named in his name.

The Narayangarh Raja helped the Mughal prince Khurram (later Emperor Shah Jahan) when he revolted Against his father,Shah Jahan Entitled him as Marh-e-Sultan.

Major Chapman,who was entrusted with the task of repelling the Marathas from Midnapore,wrote a Latter on 19th January, 1764 To Raja Parikshit Pal,ruler of Narayangarh of Midnapore,requsesting him to supply the English army,encamping near Danton on the bank of Subarnarekha,With necessary provisions during the campaign.