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Murho Estate

The Murho Estate was a Chieftaincy and later a Zamindari (estate) Of Yadav(Ahir) In Erstwhile Bhagalpur district of Bihar (now in Madhepura district)

Murho Estate


Common Languages                  Hindi

Government                             Zamindari Estate


  • Unknown                 Babu Panchanan Mandal (first)
  • 1941-1949              Babu Bindheshwari Prasad Mandal      


  • Established                              1700
  • Acceded To India                    1949

 Currency                             Indian Rupee

Succeeded by

Dominion of India

 Today Part Of                  Bihar,Republic of India

Rai Bahadur Keshav Prasad Mandal
Rai Bahadur Keshav Prasad Mandal,Honorary Megistrate and Zaminadar of Murho-Ranipatti Estate.
Babu Rash Bihari lal Mandal,Zamindar Of Murho Estate

The name of the estate derives from a Murho village of Madhepura District.Members Of The Murho family were very big landlords of  the kosi division.

The Murho Zamindari (Estate) was ruled by Majhraut Clan of Yadava.It was the largest and respected zamindari estate of Kosi Region (Bihar).

Babu Rashbihari Lal Mandal


Babu Rashbihari Lal Mandal was an ardent freedom fighter,philanthropist and social reformer. According to litterateaur Dr.Bhupendra Narayan Madhepuri,Rashbihari Babu was scholarly in Many Languages like Hindi,English,Urdu,Persian,Bengali,french and Sanskrit.

Bindheshwari Prasad mandal

Bindheshwari Prasad Mandal

Chairman Of Mandal Commission and Former Chief Minister of Bihar,Babu B.P Mandal was born in Murho raj family.He was the third son of Zamindar Babu Rash Bihari lal Mandal.

   List of Zamindars

  • Babu Sri Panchanan Mandal Was the first chieftain of Murho.He Had two sons of whom the eldest son Paraw Mandal became his Succeessor.
  • Babu Paraw Mandal,He had five sons named Indrajit Mandal,Miterjit Mandal,Ramdhan Mandal,Gurdayal Mandal and Ramdayal Mandal.
  • Babu Ramdayal Mandal,Became next Chief of zaminadari.He had two sons Raghuvardayal and Kishundayal Mandal
  • Babu Raghuvardayal Mandal became head of Zamindari estate in mid 19th Century.
  • Babu Rash Bihari Lal Mandal (1880-1918),He had three sons Bhuvneshwari Prasad Mandal,Kamleshwari prasad Mandal,Bindheshwari Prasad Mandal.
  • Babu Bhuvneshwari Prasad Mandal,He took Control of zaminadari estate after the death of his father Rash Bihari Lal Mandal in 1918. He was Members of Bihar-Orissa Legislative council in 1924.
  • Babu Kamleshwari Prasad Mandal he was members of Bihar Legislative council in 1937.
  • Babu Bindheshwari Prasad Mandal,Former Chief Minister of Bihar and Chairman of Backward Clasess Commission.
Rash Bihari Lal Mandal