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Midnapore Raj

The Midnapore Raj or Karnagarh Raj was medieval dynasty and later a zamindari estate of Sadgop Clan Yadav(Gopa) during the British period in the Paschim Medinipur district in the state of West Bengal,India.The Semi- Independent Rajas of Karnagarh were amongst the Most powerful rulers of Jungle Mahal region.

Midnapore Raj


Capital                             Karnagarh

Common Languages         Bengali,Bhumji,Santali



 (1568-1857)Zamindari Estate(1857-1947)


  • 1568-1661                  Raja Laxman Singh (first)
  • 1756-1812                   Rani Shiromani (last)


  • Established                            1568
  • Acceded To India                   1947

 Currency                                   Indian Rupee

Succeeded By

Dominion of India

 Today Part Of              West Bengal,Republic Of India

Midnapore Raj Karnagarh raj Temple

The kings of Karnagarh ruled over a zamindari that included Midnapore and the surrounding areas. They a Close link with the Sadgop(Yadav) Rulers Of Narajole Raj.


Karnagarh or Midnapore Raj was established by Raja Lakshman Singh in 1568. According to Binoy Ghosh,The kings of Karnagarh ruled over Zamindari that included Midnapore and the Surrounding areas. The dynasty that ruled over Karnagarh included Raja Lakshman Singh (1568-1589),Raja Shyam Singh (1589-1607),Raja Chhotu Roy (1607-1667),Raja Raghunath Roy (1671-1693),Raja Ram Singh (1693-1711), Raja Jaswant Singh (1711-1749),Raja Ajit Singh (1749) and Rani Shiromani (1756-1812). In 1589 AD with the help of Laxman Singh’s Brother Shyam Singh, Isha Khan Of Lohani Dynasty of Odisa Killed Laxman Singh Of Karnagarh And Captured Karnagarh and put Shyam Singh on the throne as a puppet.It didn’t last though.They were soon defeated by an Alliance of Bhurshut, Mallabhum and the Mughals Laxman Singh’s Grandson Raja Chhotu Roy was enthroned as the next ruler.

During the reign of Raja Jasomanta Singh, the Revenue of Karnagarh was 40,126 taka 12 annas and his army numbered 15,000.Jasomanta Singh was concidered as one of Strong allies of Nawab.Famous Bengali poet Rameswar Bhattacharya wrote Sivayan Kavya in Karnagarh Rajsava.

The Rajas Of Mallabhum were an independent kingdom free from the rights of the Nawabs.In 1747 the army of king Gopal Singh  Malla of Mallabhumi Attacked Karnagarh.It is Heard with the Blessing of Mahamaya Jashmanta Singh  Defeated Mallabhum’s Forces.

The Kings Of Karnagarh had a close Link with the Sadgop Rulers Of Narajole Raj. The Last king of Karnagarh,Raja Ajit Singh died childless.His property  went into the hands of his two queens,Rani Bhabani and Rani Shiromani.During the Chuar rebellion the leader of the Chuars,Gobardhan Dikpati,Occupied the Palace,Both the queens met the king of Narajole Raja Trilochan Khan,who Provided them shelter and Promised Recover their property.Rani Bhabani died in 1161 Bangabda (1754 AD) and Rani Shiromani Handed over the entire property to Anandalal of the Narajole Family even before she died in 1219 Bangabda (1812 AD). However the East India Company were suspicious that Rani Shiromani had Links with those involved in the Chuar rebellion and as a result they considerably restricted the amount of sovereignty she held in response.

There,However are other sources that say that the Chuar Rebellion took place as a Series of  insurrections by People who lived off the jungle and s sort of Primitive agriculture in the old Malbhum,Bankura and Midnapore districts between 1711 and 1809 generally under dispossessed zamindars that included Rani Shiromani Of Karnagarh.

 Karnagarh Fort

Karnagarh fort consisted of about 100 bighas of land stretching for about 4 miles,that was surrounded by the  Parang River.It was about 4 miles north of Midnapore. The inside of the fort was divided into two parts the andar mahal for the royal family and the sadar mahal for other The temples of Dandesvara and Mahamaya the ruling deities of Karnagarh were located to the south of the fort. Now hardly anything other than memory, remains.

The Midnapore Raj family had two other forts nearby at Awasgarh and Jamdargarh.

   List Of Rulers :

  • Raja Lakshman Singh   (1568-1661)
  • Raja Shyam Singh    (1661-1668)
  • Raja Chhotu Roy     (1668-1671)
  • Raja Raghunath Roy (1671-1693)
  • Raja Ram Singh (1693-1711)
  • Raja Jaswant Singh (1711-1749)
  • Raja Ajit Singh     (1749)
  • Rani Shiromani    (1756-1812)