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Hadal Narayanpur (Zamindari)

The Hadal-Narayanpur Zamindari was Zaminadri (Estate) Of Mandal Sadgop(Yadava) Family in Bishnupur Subdivision of Bankura District in the state of West Bengal.They Acquired The zamindari of Hadal-Narayanpur during the Reign of Raja Gopal Singh Of Bishnupur.

Hadal-Narayanpur Zamindari


Common Languages                Benagli,Bhumji

  Government                             Zamindari Estate

  Founder                                    Sri Muchiram Ghosh

   Title                                          Mandalpati


  • Established                             1720 A.D
  • Disestablished                       1949 A.D

 Currency                                     Indian Rupee

Succeeded by

Dominion Of India

   Today Part Of                       West Bengal,Republic Of India

Hadal Narayanpur zamindari
Hadal-Narayanpur Rajbari,It is Inside the Compound of Baro Taraf

Twin Village Of Hadal-Narayanpur is Situated on the southern Banks of Bodai river,a tributary Of River Damodar.

  History & Origin

Hadal-Narayanpur got its prominence with the arrival od Shri Muchiram Ghosh,a Sadgop Gentleman from Nilpur Of erstwhile Gopbhum Region in 1693 A.D.

During That Period,Shubhankar Das the famous Mathematician was employed as Tarafdar Of Parulia he was very close to Muchiram Ghosh.Shubhanakar Das Introduced Muchiram Ghosh To Raja Gopal Singh Of Bishnupur.

Muchiram received the Title of Mandal (Mandalpati) With zamindari Of Hadal-Narayanpur and its adjoining areas from Raja Gopal Singh.

After The Mandal family became the Zamindars Of this Area,they set up temples some of which are rich in Terracotta and are unique.They are Divided into Baro,Mejo,Chhoto Taraf.Each has a Number of temples which bear the testimoney of that period. Some of the Terracotta decorations are really beautiful and one simple will be spellbound by its sheer beauty.

Hadal Narayanpur Zamindari

Choto Taraf Mandal Family

Hadal Narayanpur Zamindari

Choto Taraf Mandal Family

Hadal Narayanpur Zamindari

Choto Mandal Family