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Kalikapur Raj

The Kalikapur Raj was a zamindari estate of Sadgop(Yadav) during colonial Era in Burdwan district of West Bengal.Center of the Estate was Kalikapur,which is small village surrounded by dense forest.

Kalikapur Raj


 Capital                                             Kalikapur

 Common Languages                      Bengali 

 Government                                  Zaminadari Estate


  • Established                      1700 A.D
  • Disestablished                1949 A.D

 Currency                                Indian Rupee

Succeeded By

Domonion of India

 Today Part of                        West Bengal,Republic Of India

Kalikapur Raj

Kalikapur Rajbari (Haveli)


Sri Poromanando Roy was the chieftain of this  place at that time. He Had 18 Sources to collect tax. And also he had a huge area of the forest as a source of Income.

He had seven children and use to live at Moukhira Previously.

Poromananda Roy had some kind of dreams while sleeping That  is to build a mandir and to establish a RADHA BALLAV.There by  doing this he will achieve immortality.Due to many reasons the mandir was built but god was not this is how they were shifted to KALIKAPUR from MOUKHIRA.

Total area of the place is 1.2 acre. Which includes Zamindar bari,temple & the ponds belongs to him.

Within that villa there is Durga mandir.The grand durga puja took place tere itself.At the Time of Poromananda Roy  on the Day astami the ASTAMI PUJA use to start after hearing the bursting sound of the canon present in GOR jungle.The Canon is till present at GOR JUNGLE.

Over day a monk came from Kashi(Varanasi) and said there has to be a temple of Mahadev(LORD SHIV) as there is durga Temple.Then those two tombs were made.They were called JORA SHIV.Independently  known as: Parameshwar & Hanseshwar.Till now also daily two time Puja is given to JORA Shiv.

King of Burdwan UDAY CHANDRA MAHETA use to came here. And the fishes inside that pond had Golden ornaments on the nose. The Kali Mandir present in GOR JUNGLE was Built by Devi Chaudhury Rani. As GOR JUNGLE was Roy’s property so till now they do the puja there till now.


The Story was narrated to me by LAJPAT ROY (8th Generation of Poromanada Roy).

Kalikapur Raj
Kalikapur Raj
Kalikapur Raj